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Bicon 2001
Coventry Aug 25 - 27 2001


- Income - Outgoings - Venue break down -

12Mar01From BiCon 20009518.13
06Apr01Registrations (cheque)252
26Apr01Registrations (cheque)624
03May01(online registration)193
10May01Registrations (cheque)166
10May01From BiCon 2000865
06Jun01Registrations (cheque)525.50
02Jul01Registrations (cheque)166
16Jul01Registrations (cheque)1038
24Jul01Registrations (cheque)375
02Aug01Registrations (cheque)1485
15Aug01Registrations (cheque)1955.50
22Aug01Registrations (cheque)2200
28Aug01OTD Registrations (cash/cheque)1794.50
29Aug01OTD Registrations (cash/cheque)1180.02
21Sep01final Registration payments868
Total registration income:12823
Total from BiCon 200010383.13
Grand total23206.13

Outgoings - summary of cheque details
Cheques Written13
Cheque #ItemAmount
10001Giolla (repayment of venue deposit)718.00
10002Giolla (travel expenses)74.74
10003Ents - Attila & related expenses528.00
10004Public liability, PA & cancellation insurance263.00
10006Red (repayment of guest speaker expenses)102.00
10007CASH (on-the-day float/expenses)250.00
10008Disco/Ents - PA and lighting630
10009Not used - completed in error - destroyed -
10010Venue costs12400.55
10011Giolla (travel costs)114.80
10012Giolla - BM BOX58.75
10013Bicon 2002 (handover of funds)6600.00
Outgoings - Guest speaker (Ruth Lawrence)
Total (excluding 2002 handover):16, 709.39
Of which...
the venue (including Ents venue)13,118.55
other assorted expenses (printing, transport etc)498.29
total for the guest speaker (including all related/indirect expenses)1010.61
No other outgoings.
This breakdown excludes "minor" transactions such as interest and bouncing registration cheques.

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