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Bicon 2001

Aug 25 - 27 2001

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Hopefully this page will be frequently and regularly updated with more information about BiCon 2001 as it becomes available. For the mean time however we can tell you that BiCon 2001 will be held at Coventry University on the August bank holiday weeked.

Booking details in a variety of formats can be found here and you can contact the organizers by mailing BiCon 2001 email address removed

Added in April 2001:

In case you've never been to BiCon before and are wondering what it is, well to quote from

"BiCon is an annual weekend-long celebration of all things bisexual; a chance to get together and chat, and to meet old friends and new."
and more than that it's a lot of fun. If you a better idea of what happens have a look at some of the previous years web sites, or ask on UK-bi*.

If you're interested in how the organisers are chosen and how BiCon is meant to be run then you probably want to read the BiCon Guidelines

Added after the end of the event:


To the website for BiCon 2001, all of the latest information can be found here such as photo's of the weekend, the final time table as it really happened summaries of the feed back forms and when they happen the accounts.

Details of next years BiCon can be found at

This year BiCon returned to Coventry and was held on the August bank holiday weekend. Starting midday on the saturday and running until midday on monday to allow as much time as possible for people to get too and from the venue.

The sessions and workshops during the day were held in Coventry University "in the heart of Coventry" and just across the road from the cathedral [map]. Accomodation was available in Singer Hall or in a local hotel or B&B.

Added long after the end of the event, at some point between August 2002 and September 2002:

The accounts.

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* The uk-bi mailing list was major discussion mailing list for the UK bi community at the time. It no longer exists.

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